Aims & Objectives


  • To provide a homely residential care provision to the highest possible quality.
  • To provide the opportunity to enhance the quality of life for all our young people.
  • To provide satisfying and continuing professional development and a good working environment.
  • To achieve positive outcomes as identified within the care plan


The Care Provision:

  • The welfare of the young person will be given first priority.  Plus One will do its best to ensure that young people are given a nurturing, caring environment and teach them strategies which will help them to overcome many of the difficulties they may have encountered and offer them the best possible opportunities for healthy physical, intellectual and emotional development.
  • Every effort will be made to ensure that young people develop their self-esteem and learn the confidence and skills required for progress to successful independent adulthood.
  • As part of this effort, young people will be encouraged to feel pride in their cultural and racial origins.
  • Plus One care teams will be encouraging and aspirational to promote educational achievement.

Plus One and its employees:

  • Plus One will demand the highest standards of performance from its employees in the expectation that this will serve the interest of not only the young people but also the employees themselves.
  • Plus One will help its employees to develop their effectiveness and feel satisfaction in doing worthwhile work.
  • Plus One will not practise any form of discrimination in recruiting or managing its employees, and will aim to treat them fairly in all circumstances.
  • Plus One will provide a safe and healthy working environment.