Education and Study

All young people are actively encouraged to attend full-time education or training through Somerset Skills for Learning.  The arrangements for the education of young people accommodated are largely dependent upon their age and the type of educational service required to best suit their needs. Post 16 years, Plus One has positive links with local colleges.  We are able to fully support the Local Education Authority in providing the education programme to the young person as home education or virtual learning.

For those young people whose behaviour causes more of a challenge and who require a specialist educational setting Plus One contracts to an Ofsted Inspected and DfE registered independent school which offers the opportunity to study a range of subjects within the National Curriculum from functional skills to GCSE and a more vocational and outdoor nature following an alternative curriculum at Forest School.  Our preferred partner is currently judged as an outstanding provision.  A full list of qualifications and experience of staff is available on request.  The school issues weekly school reports and daily handover for consistency between care and education.

Plus One has a strong and flexible approach to education and ensures learning experiences outside of the school setting through a well developed active learning activities program at every opportunity. All young people resident with Plus One are required to attend full time education on a daily basis.