Admissions Process

Referrals are accepted for young people presenting multiple challenging behaviours. For young people with severe learning disabilities, the Placing Authority would need to provide the required information in order to ascertain the ability of the home to comprehensively meet the needs of that young person. We are not registered for those with diagnosed mental health problems.

The initial referral information and subsequent pre-entry assessment provides us with the information required for compilation of the young person’s Placement Plan and Care File. This information is gathered from the referral forms, CLA paperwork, school reports, previous psychological reports, Court reports, Youth Offending reports and family chronological history. This is completed prior to admission (wherever possible) and assists in the appropriate placement of a young person in any Plus One home.

The time taken ensures that appropriate provision in line with the Care Standards Act 2000 and Department of Health guidelines, which meet the identified needs of the young person. Selected personnel may be given further training to suit the individual needs of the young person before their arrival. We believe that forward planning and preparation is the key to a successful placement. We always endeavour to match the needs of the child with the skills and personality of the residential care workers.

Initial contact with us is usually made via the local authority placements officer; we will consider the needs and desired outcomes and may send our referral form requesting specific information about the young person or the manager will telephone the social worker to ask questions. If the young person is compatible with incumbents and we have a vacancy we will submit an expression of interest. At this time we invite the interested parties to visit Plus One, take up references and explore our suitability to work with their young person.

If the placement proceeds and contracts have been agreed it is usual for the future support team to meet the young person in their current placement for relationship building and forward planning. The young person will be asked to become involved in choosing the decoration and soft furnishings for their future personal space within the home. They will be encouraged to visit and stay overnight at least once before their admission as part of a transition plan.