Enjoying and Achieving at the Home

We ensure learning experiences continue outside of the school setting.  Young people are encouraged to participate in activities and other interest related activities that will be individually planned.  There is emphasis on club memberships and encouraging young people to foster friendships with peers outside the care environment.   All young people will be supported to participate in a choice of pursuits including CCF, St John’s Ambulance, football, rugby, tennis, camping, surfing, mountain biking, horse riding, canoeing, scuba diving, etc.  On arrival each young person is given a booklet describing the clubs sports and activities they can try.  They are encouraged to give feedback to inform us whether they enjoyed it and if so, whether they would like to do it again.

The activities programme which we offer is designed to complement cultural needs of young people by incorporating many national cultural events and festivals and looking at world events. Plus One recognises that the life experiences of young people varies greatly across subcultures and that ethnic groups are heterogeneous with distinctive values, beliefs and expectations.

Activities are supervised by employees and led by qualified instructors as applicable. Comprehensive risk assessments are undertaken for offsite activity undertaken by the young people. Furthermore, authorisation will be sought from relevant authorities if the activity involves  overnight stay(s).  All young people will be able to enjoy an annual holiday which, subject to risk assessment will include travelling abroad.

Internet access is subject to individual risk assessment and placing authority permission but all young people are initially required to be accompanied whilst accessing the internet through the home’s internet connection.